Discover the forum in Virtual Reality!

Corner Tech will be held this year on the Teemew platform.
Free, it is compatible with Windows and macOS.

Once the application is downloaded, you just have to identify yourself by creating an account. During your first connection, you will have to create an avatar, entirely customizable. To start, choose your gender and then let us guide you, you can select your hairstyle, choose your facial hair, your glasses, and of course your outfit according to your taste! If you want a photorealistic avatar, it's totally possible ! Teemew generates your face in 3D from a simple photo of you.


petit stand Teemew


Space that can accommodate 10 visitors and 2 exhibitors simultaneously and includes a reception area, 2 exhibition areas, a business area (accommodating 2 visitors and 1 exhibitor) and a presentation area (accommodating 6 visitors and 1 exhibitor).

moyen stand Teemew


Space that can accommodate 20 visitors and 3 exhibitors simultaneously and includes a reception area, 2 exhibition areas, a business area (accommodating 3 visitors and 1 exhibitor), a presentation area (accommodating 12 visitors and 2 exhibitors) and a relaxation area (accommodating 6 users).

Grand stand Teemew


Space that can accommodate 30 visitors and 5 exhibitors simultaneously and includes 2 reception areas, an exhibition floor, 2 business areas (each able to accommodate 3 visitors and 1 exhibitor), a presentation area (able to accommodate 12 visitors and 2 exhibitors) and 2 relaxation areas (able to accommodate 8 users).

The different spaces

zone d'accueil

Reception area

zone d'exposition

Exhibition area

zone business

Business area

espace détente

Relaxation area





Ensure good communication

Audio Conversations

You will be able to communicate with all your contacts at any time and anywhere in the room. In the chat rooms in particular, the sound is more specialized: you will hear your interlocutor depending on where he is sitting in relation to you. The little extra, your avatar comes to life every time you start a discussion!

conversations audio

Written Conversations

It will also be possible to converse via a chat, whether private or in groups.

conversations écrites

The different functionalities

panneau d'affichages


You'll have the opportunity to view videos, photos or even PDFs to learn more about the exhibitors. If you enjoy the content, what better way to download, like or even share it!

zone de présentation

Presentation area

As the name suggests, it is a presentation space where the presenter can share content with visitors. The latter will have the possibility to ask for the floor, which will be granted by the presenter to be able to interact on the content of the presentation.